Details & Prices

Bowl & Jack Refurbishment, Repair, Rebuffing & Testing Service


From Saturday 28th September 2019 we'll be taking bowls & jacks for refurbishment, repair, testing etc and we’ll continue dropping off and collecting throughout winter on the last Saturday morning of each month. Please have your bowls in a bag when you drop them off with us (supermarket plastic bag will suffice). We will let you know as soon as they are ready for collection again from the Well Bowled shop. Please note that at this time of the year it can take 12 weeks or longer for the work to be carried out. We will personally deliver to and collect from Premier Bowls.

Repairs are taken out at the customers risk and no liability can be accepted by us for goods lost or damaged in transit or in our possession. We will of course do our utmost to ensure nothing happens to them.


Repolish Lignum Vitae (inc.Testing and/or Adjusting) -  £45.00 per pair

Repolish Composition (inc. Testing and/or Adjusting) - see note A - £45.00 per pair

Rebuff Composition (inc. Testing and/or Adjusting) - £35.00 per pair

Complete Remodel - see note B - £80.00 per pair

Supply and Fit New Mounts (blue, green, red, white or yellow) - £6.50 per mount

Clean and Rebuff Existing Mounts - £2.00 per mount

Repolish bowls with coloured lacquer (inc. Testing and/or Adjusting) - see note C - £45.00 per pair


Test and Stamp - £6.50 each

Adjust, Stamp and Polish - £25.00 each

Adjust, Stamp and Rebuff - £25.00 each

Supply and Fit New Mounts - £6.50 each

Supply and Fit New Pips - £3.50 each


A   Repolish Composition - This gives a better grip, feel and appearance to the bowl.

B   Complete Remodel - This includes reducing in size, new mounts, rebiasing, plain grip rings and repolishing.

C   Coloured lacquer - Can be applied in red, white, blue, green, yellow and multi.